Time for the Democrats to rethink their brand?

As the world slowly turns into another day, much of it is rocked by the surprise win of Donald Trump as the new US president. As I watched it play out in the early hours, from the elation of the GOP to the look of crushing defeat on the faces of the Democrats, the humongous implications of it all seemed too much for my poor tired brain. One thing, however, seemed to endure. …..The spacing of the type in the Trump placards was awful (ironically, the A seemed to have sailed away from the rest of AMERIC (A))

Atom Pictures’ Creative Director, Bill Wilson, ponders if a celebrity endorsement can up the ante on sales.


Thank you EE, your 2016 TV ad has made the ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ game a lot easier.

Those of you not familiar with this fine party game ….. the objective is to make a connection, from a celeb of your choice to Kevin through their joint performances in film or TV (e.g. connect Nicole Kidman to Kevin Bacon………. Kevin Bacon - a Few Good Men with Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut with Nicole Kidman). Granted, in the case of EE, it’s only Rachael Riley or Stephen Fry and I’m not 100% sure TV ads count anyway, but hopefully you catch my drift.