Time for the Democrats to rethink their brand?

As the world slowly turns into another day, much of it is rocked by the surprise win of Donald Trump as the new US president. As I watched it play out in the early hours, from the elation of the GOP to the look of crushing defeat on the faces of the Democrats, the humongous implications of it all seemed too much for my poor tired brain. One thing, however, seemed to endure. …..The spacing of the type in the Trump placards was awful (ironically, the A seemed to have sailed away from the rest of AMERIC (A))


As news flooded in with thousands of pictures both pre and post election, I realised (despite the kerning issues), Trump nailed the campaign  while Clinton spectacularly failed. Simply put his campaign stuck pay dirt from the very get go. Hillary’s marketers were too slow off the blocks  when they started to pull together their ‘H’ logo, but then went on to completely drop the ball with their “Love Trumps Hate” slogan.


Why is it such a disaster… apply it to any other brand and you’ll see. How about Coke running an ad that says “don’t drink Pepsi’, with little or no mention of the Coke brand. Result: Pepsi sales up. Personally I never think negative words (like 'hate') work in campaigns and often backfire on the advertisers.


Trumps message rang out crystal clear in its authoritative serif font, consistently pouring a message into the ears and minds of the nostalgic masses “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’. As a slogan it’s not exactly the Gettysburg address, but in a world where a reality star can become POTUS, it’s simplicity is spot on.


OK, OK……I know this might all seem trivial compared with the huge ramifications elsewhere, but I hope the Democrats learn that politics is now just as much a branding exercise of the likes of TV shows like the Apprentice.  They might want to consider a new ad agency too!