Media is the airtime or ‘space’ you book to show your commercial. Over the last decade the possibilities of showing your ad have increased exponentially. As well as ‘traditional’ TV advertising, there is sponsorship, Video on Demand, Sky Adsmart, regional advertising, web banner advertising and much more.

If this seems confusing, don’t worry. A skilled ‘media buyer’ will guide you through the options. They have sophisticated targeting software that shows what your potential customer is likely to be watching.

This enables them to buy advertising space around TV or web content that appeals to your target market. They are free to use (actually they are paid on commission from the TV stations) so you don’t directly foot the bill for their hard work and expertise.

We are a design company independent from media buying agencies, but we can suggest suitable companies that suit your needs perfectly. We offer this service free of charge and without commitment to any of our services.