If you are planning to air a commercial in the UK, it will need to be compliant with the UK’s regulations and codes of advertising. These codes are created by the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) and administered by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) co-regulating with OFCOM (the government approved regulating authority for all TV output). The ASA can remove any commercial from broadcast that breaches the codes.

Since networks don’t want your commercial to be withdrawn (as it might result in lost revenue), many subscribe to a service known as Clearcast. Working on behalf of 90% of the UK’s TV commercial output, Clearcast interprets the ASA codes and checks scripts and TV ads for compliance. If Clearcast don’t approve your commercial, the subscribing channels won’t air it.

We are Clearcast certified and produce creative scripts that are mindful of the compliance process. We guarantee our scripts to pass compliance or you don’t pay a penny!*.

We also offer a clearance service for commercials or scripts produced elsewhere. You can find more details of this service by registering for the free library of information at the bottom of the page (when registered see COSTS - Clearcast and delivery) or by calling or e-mailing us.

*Ts and Cs apply